Top 7 Web 3.0 Growth Marketing Tools That Will Blow Your Mind

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Are you looking to make the most of Web 3.0? Wondering how to use web 3.0 growth marketing tools to achieve marketing goals? 

For starters, web 3.0 marketing is quite different from traditional digital marketing. The web 3.0 space is evolving at a staggering pace. 

An organization needs avant-garde technologies and willingness to embrace innovations readily to attain competitive advantage in the web 3.0 world. 

As a result, top crypto companies often rely on AI-powered growth marketing tools to achieve marketing goals. 

In today’s article, we will discuss top growth marketing platforms in this space.

Let’s get started.

#1. Intract

Intract web 3.0 growth marketing tool

Intract is one of the most promising Web3 growth platforms. 

It is packed with a powerful community of the best growth players in the web3 space.

As a Growth & Community activation platform, Intract allows Web3 marketers to build gamified user funnels, unify the on-chain & social identities of a community, and automate personalized rewards!

The functional offerings of the platform include:

  • Ability to create Social & On-chain Quests
  • Ability to Analyze On-chain & Off-chain behaviors, transactions, and patterns
  • Distribute Rewards like NFTs & Tokens right from the platform

Intract also offers a multitude of integrations across Discord, Telegram, and Twitter making it easier for marketers & founders to realize & activate community potential.

The biggest USP of Intract lies with their Analytics & Growth engine which can help projects onboard power users by analyzing their community, social, and protocol activity.

Here are a few glimpses of their platform: 

  1. Quest Engine
Web 3.0 Growth Marketing Tools

2. User Engine 

User Engine

3. Reward Distribution

Reward Distribution

The Verdict: Intract has a very engaging dashboard along with some super cool integrations. It is tailor-made for community building and management.

#2. QuestN


QuestN is another marketing growth platform in the crypto world. It allows you to enhance brand awareness, create community, and get more business with exciting giveaway campaigns. 

The UI/UX is very user-friendly and innovative. QuestN allows you to create a host of cool tasks across various platforms such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, YouTube, Twitch, Steam, and more. 


You can reward your questers once they have completed all the tasks. The best part is that they have a growing community. 

That means, even starters can rope in a fair amount of questers. 

Campaigns are very easy to set up and you can customize the campaign appearance as per your choice with unique banner and content. 

All you need to do is to select tasks, entries, schedule, and rewards. QuestN will do the rest. 

Moreover, they also provide an analytics that gives you an overview of all your quests. 

The Verdict: QuestN is a very intuitive and growing platform that helps you to especially increase your brand awareness across popular social media platforms like Twitter. 

#3. Post for Rent

Post for Rent

Influencer Marketing is a potential darling of the crypto world. Many crypto companies invest a chunk of their budget only on Influencer Marketing. 

Well Post for Rent takes you one step closer to making the most of your Influencer Marketing efforts. That’s because their Influencer Management tool is one of a kind. 

Firstly, you can use their Discover Tool to snoop through various influencer profiles. You can compare their profiles, get in-depth profile analytics, and you can also use advanced filters to understand the type of audience they cater to. 

Discover Tool

Added to that, you can also set up a budget and create impactful Influencer Marketing campaigns with the help of the state of the art Marketplace Tool. 

Marketplace Tool

The Verdict: Post for Rent is your one-stop solution for Influencer Marketing. Period! 

#4. Awario


Awario is one of the most popular brand management toolkits. 

It allows you to track conversations about your brand across the internet ranging from social media channels to forums, and more. 

This tool helps you to explore collaboration opportunities and track your brand awareness across different channels. 

Brand Mention

Plus, it provides important audience insights that helps a brand to enhance their marketing strategies. 

Finally, there is the brand monitoring tool. It helps a brand to track and analyze audience sentiments across various platforms. This plays an important role in terms of Online Reputation Management. 

The Verdict: Awario can be a game-changer in terms of identifying new opportunities and audience interaction. 

#5. DeBank 


DeBank is the ultimate Web 3 Messenger tool. 

This tool connects every web3 user and assets. You can use it to connect with crypto enthusiasts and crypto whales

DeBank provides you with whale addresses and you can simply start reaching out to them using DeBank’s Hi feature.

DeBank Whales

Finally, DeBank also helps you to connect with the crypto community via Stream. 

You can follow accounts and create your own account to engage with the ever-growing crypto community. 


The Verdict: DeBank is a very simple messaging tool and it is apt for engaging with the community which is so important in the crypto world. 

#6. SendX


SendX is a new-age email-marketing tool. 

This tool has robust tagging and segmentation features to run drip campaigns.  


The best part is that it comes with 50+ pre-built templates to help users boost their email conversions.

Added to that, all the users have access to 500,000+ free stock photos to make their campaigns look visually appealing. 

Plus, they provide tons of no-code customization options. That means you can freely edit text and campaign appearance using their drag and drop feature. 

This tool is also available as a WordPress plugin. 

The Verdict: SendX is a modern and easy-to-use email automation tool tailor-made for companies with a lot of mail subscribers. 

#7. Sprout Social 

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an extremely powerful social media management tool. 

It helps to manage social postings and campaigns across different platforms from a single window.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a very strong CRM tool that helps your crypto marketing team to resolve tickets, nurture prospective leads, strengthen customer relationships, and deliver a memorable brand experience.


The Verdict: Sprout Social supports cool integrations with popular platforms that boosts your overall marketing goals.

Well, that’s a wrap for today! 

We hope you really enjoyed this article on the top web 3.0 growth marketing tools. 

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